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acne free"Our 17 year old daughter has experienced a severe acne problem for the last four years. Our expenses have ranged from dermatologist bills to purchasing just about every product recommended. Last year our family doctor prescribed Orthotricyclene (birth control) in order to treat our daughter's acne due to the lack of results from antibiotics and other products including ProActive. Her face completely cleared, however, the Orthotricyclene made her gain 15 pounds. Being a very active high school athelete, the weight gain was unacceptable. **** Photo at right shows the results of using ZenMED "Derma Cleanse" after four weeks.

ebbie500.jpg - 5571 BytesJust as you might be doing, I began doing research on acne--often searching the internet until early morning hours trying to find solutions to acne problems. I tried one product that I found on the internet that seemed to have some effect on my daughter's acne. However, her skin became bleached out and so dry that you could actually see the dryness. It made her face feel very rough, and she still experienced breakout.

One night I discovered ZenMED. The "key" words and phrases that caught my eye were "will not discolor the skin," "will not cause dryness," and "balances the hormones." Reading the Q&A's and testimonies, I learned about the products and how they work. I also did additional research on the ingredients. The products were ordered and arrived on a Friday, and by the next Friday; my daughter was so excited about her complexion. ** Photo at left shows the results after using ZenMED "Derma Cleanse" two weeks.

ebbie600.jpg - 7080 BytesI always believed in the connection between hormones and the severity of acne (i.e., the results from using Orthotricyclene). We are past the time of month that her face breaks out the worst and it came and went without any breakout. There has been no weight gain and, just as ZenMED claims, skin dryness or discoloration have not been experienced. *** Photo at right shows the progress made with "Derma Cleanse" after three weeks.

In conclusion...

I have a friend whose daughter attends Oklahoma State University. Her daughter has entered and won several beauty pageants. She will be in the Miss Amarillo, Texas pageant in a few weeks and hopefully, on to the Miss Texas pageant. Her mother told me that she is having a real problem with acne for the first time in her life. I was confident to give her the information about ZenMED. Every mother with children suffering from acne needs to know about this product! ORDER IT, TRY IT......YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED."
June B.


I have used Accutane and had excellent results but I did not want to stay on it. When I went off, the acne came back. I tried Proactiv and it did not work. (It is not working too good for my daughter either. And she has been on it 6 months.) So I stumbled upon your product when I was browsing around for "acutane alternatives" on the e-net and read about your system that cleanses from the inside out. I am pleased to say that I have been on it almost 7 weeks and only have a few blemishes... nothing like the big deep red ones from before. The topical products feel and smell wonderful. I have reordered my second shipment and just reordered again with a discount coupon. I am getting my daughter started on this now!!!

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Cindy E.

I have been using Derma Cleanse for a month now and it really works. I have been seeing my face improve weekly. The swelling has been going down and the redness has been reducing. I really recommend this product to anyone that is suffering from acne, you will really be happy with the results. Derma Cleanse is really a solution for acne.


I just wanted to thank the person who created Derma Cleanse. I really didn't think it would work but I was willing to try anything. I didn't see an improvement until I finished a whole bottle and part of a second bottle. I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am. I used to have really clear skin and from having 4 kids I guess it made some changes in my skin. I was beginning to lose hope because I have tried so many things before.

Thanks again,

I would like to express my delight in the quick results that I have had
since starting to take the Derma Cleanse capsules. I developed acne after the birth of my first child 9 years ago. Since then I have been on various antibiotics which only worked marginally. Over the last 2 years the antibiotics stopped working and the acne changed and became much more widespread and took much longer for each boil to clear. I became very down about my appearance and felt that the doctors offered no help at all. When browsing the Internet one day I became very interested in your herbal product. I ordered only one bottle to start with - I was wary of ordering something from the Internet!. I noticed an improvement within the first week and over the last 2 weeks my back is completely clear and my face has only 3 spots left. What I have also noticed is that my periods were much less painful, I didn't have PMS and didn't get the usual eruption of spots just before my period. This really is a miracle cure! Thank you so much.

Kind Regards


I like Derma Cleanse even better then ProActiv because it is so simple and easy to use. This is important to me because I'm so busy in High School and I don't have a lot of time in the morning. I was surprised because it turned out that Derma Cleanse was not only easier but also worked even better then ProActiv did in keeping my complexion clear.

Allie Van Dyke
Healdsburg High School

Derma Cleanse has changed the life of my son and dramatically improved his skin. I would recommend Derma Cleanse to anyone who suffers from Acne. Please view the pictures I have posted

Actual untouched photos.
Before After
Susan CrookShank Oct 1, 2001

My husband Darryl actually purchases Derma Cleanse for
me and has said, "wow your skin does look better"
after much teasing about all my products and how he
pays my dermatologists rent and so forth.

I have been on all topical medicines available
prescription and over the counter, including proactive
from the Internet and vitamin k cream via the
Internet, oral contraceptives as a possible acne
treatment, tetracycline, minocin, and Accutane and
nothing has worked the way your product has.

Just 4 tablets a day for me has made me cystic acne free and
I have recently purchased your acne gel which I find
calming and am going to purchase the rosacea cream
because at 34 unfortunately (through genetics) I have
been told that my facial flushing and broken
capillaries may be early stages of rosacea.

I love your product and find comfort in treating myself
internally first, and what I feel is a balancing my
system which my acne seems to greatly benefit from
where nothing has ever touched upon that. I find the
continuation of your product is a continuation of
better self esteem and positivity in general.

I would recommend this to those people like me who have had
success with no product (except maybe Accutane for 1
year after therapy with the drug) and even those
entering into stages of early acne and adolescent acne
and especially women affected later by acne that seems
to be hormonal in nature... I swear by Derma Cleanse.
And, if I wasn't married I'd hunt Dr. Brander down and
make him marry me!

Thank you for a great product, always quick delivery
and sweet telephone service,

Great product! I would highly recommend them to any all sufferers from a poor complexion.
Frank Cummings

High stress was ruining my life .I am taking Derma Cleanse and have noticed Great Results.
Thank you!
Christina Worth

I love the fact that I am using natural products that are balancing my body. I wish I knew about Derma Cleanse along time ago.
Cynthia Harris

Our oldest daughter didn't have any confidence at school due to her acne problem. She has experience great changes since she started taking derma cleanse.
Thank You
Tim Queenswood

Great stuff. I feel better knowing my face will be clear. Your company is doing a great job!
Brian Brooks

Hi there, I Have been using derma cleanse for 4 months now and skin is looking really clear, very pleased with results.

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