Complete Derma Cleanse acne treatment systemWhy Suffer from acne any longer?

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What makes your system different from all the others?
The Derma Cleanse system is different from all other acne treatment products for a few different reasons. The complete system is the first system to treat acne from surface and internally. The herbal capsules work to produce powerful results that last because they are treating the problem at it's source (Read Below). The topical solutions are unique because of their transdermal delivery system which allows for optimal absorption of the all natural ingredients. The topical products do not cause irritation or dryness of skin because they do not contain ingredients that can cause problems (for the list of 10 worst ingredients click here).

Why do you offer a herbal capsule, not just topical lotions?
Acne is not just a problem at the surface of the skin. We use the finest botanical ingredients to treat the problem at it's source. The Derma Cleanse Capsules work by:
regulating hormone levels, cleaning the endocrine system, detoxifying and cleaning the liver, and relaxing the nervous system. Starting at the source of the problem is what gives the Derma Cleanse system the power to provide lasting results.

Do I have to order your system for the rest of my life?
NO! Unlike other systems that work to solve the current acne problem that you have, the Derma Cleanse System works to stop the problem at it's source and in doing so will work to prevent future acne. Most of our clients will get optimal results in a one to three month period, after this time they do not need to use the system again. Most people will use the cleanser as maintenance which is recommended, but not necessary.

My husband Darryl actually purchases Derma Cleanse for me and has said, "wow your skin does look better" after much teasing about all my products and how he pays my dermatologists rent and so forth.

I have been on all topical medicines available prescription and over the counter, including proactive from the Internet and vitamin k cream via the Internet, oral contraceptives as a possible acne treatment, tetracycline, minocin, and Accutane and nothing has worked the way your product has.

Just 4 tablets a day for me has made me cystic acne free and I have recently purchased your acne gel which I find calming and am going to purchase the rosacea cream because at 34 unfortunately (through genetics) I have been told that my facial flushing and broken capillaries may be early stages of rosacea.

I love your product and find comfort in treating myself internally first, and what I feel is a balancing my system which my acne seems to greatly benefit from where nothing has ever touched upon that. I find the continuation of your product is a continuation of better self esteem and positivity in general.

I would recommend this to those people like me who have had success with no product (except maybe Accutane for 1 year after therapy with the drug) and even those entering into stages of early acne and adolescent acne and especially women affected later by acne that seems to be hormonal in nature... I swear by Derma Cleanse.

Thank you for a great product, always quick delivery
and sweet telephone service,

Don't be fooled by impostors!
The Derma Cleanse System is the original herbal acne treatment formula.

Complete Derma Cleanse acne treatment system Our Doctor-Approved Herbal System Will Clear YOUR Complexion, stopping acne by treating it from the inside 100% Guaranteed OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Unlike many "Cures" we do not treat acne as just a skin problem, we treat it from where it actually starts, The Inside.

This revolutionary skin care system prevents and treats acne both internally and topically. In three easy steps, our truly advanced delivery system will clean, detoxify, and tone your skin.

If you are currently using or have recently used other acne treatments click here to learn some interesting facts about what may be in them!

These products treat acne as a complex biomedical disorder. Unlike other products, this system attacks the problem from all angles and has helped thousands to naturally conquer this debilitating disorder.

Why Use This System? - Product Comparison Chart
Derma Cleanse System Proactiv® Solution Accutane Oxy®
Topical Solution
Internal Treatment
No Side Effects
no major
no major
Clears up Current Acne
Does not Contain Salicylic Acid
Does not contain drugs
Works on mild to severe acne
Just used for
severe cases
Just Mild
Requires Prescription
Herbal - no prescription
Contains Benzoyl peroxide
All Natural
Will Not Dry Out Your Skin
Trans Dermal Delivery System

ZenMED Derma Cleanse is 100% completely safe to take with all forms of birth control, and will work for all skin types.

The Derma Cleanse System works in three simple steps:

  • Internal Treatment(Derma Cleanse) CLICK HERE FOR INGREDIENTS
    • Regulating Hormone Levels
    • Cleaning the Endocrine System
    • Detoxifying and Cleaning the Liver
    • Relaxing the Nervous System
  • Topical Treatment (Derma Cleanse Gel)
    • Penetrate the skin with healing nutrients
    • Provides antibacterial activity against acne causing organisms
    • Modulates the inflammatory response to reduce redness, swelling and scarring
  • Cleansing Your Skin (Derma Cleanse Gentle Cleanser)
    • removes debris, impurities and excess sebum
    • provide anti-inflammatory relief and leave skin feeling soft and smooth
    • limit the growth of causative organisms


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